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  1. Address: 1 Ripon Rd, Kingston, Saint Andrew
  3. Phone: 876-656-8825
  5. Let ShipMe bring you the joy of shopping online by providing you with a fast, simple, and affordable way to have your favorite brands and hard-to-get items from the USA delivered to you or your family in Jamaica.
  7. Step 1: Set up a FREE account and get your unique US mailing address.
  8. Step 2: Shop online and use your Shipme US address as the shipping address.
  9. Step 3: Receive real-time notifications on the status of your packages
  10. Step 4: Collect your packages at your ShipMe store or schedule a delivery to your door!
  12. As the #1 Shipping Service in Jamaica, we make it easy to manage all of your orders on our website or mobile app for the ultimate convenience.
  13. Enjoy fast, cheap, and reliable shipping of your packages and mail from the US to Jamaica. Visit to get started today!