From killer,, 1 Year ago, written in Plain Text.
This paste will buy the farm in 1 Second.
  1. Hire a killer, hitman for hire, real contract murders  
  4. contact info:
  5. phone ;    (+1(215) 703-8537 )
  6. Whatsapp;  (+1(215) 703-8537 )
  7. Contact email :
  8. General Support  ;
  9. Telegram;  @drHades
  10. Wickr me: drHades
  11. Time;      24/7
  12. Wow! we are so happy to present to you this new task we have been working on. we manage to build a database of assassins and their contacts all over the world to market them to our clients.
  13. You will present your task, stating your country and we will go through our database to check if a hitman of ours is present there. if yes, your task fee will be negotiated and you will present the full name of the victim, house location, job location, phone numbers, and pictures of this victim and with any other information, our hitman might need from you.
  15. Remember to secure your self when getting to us to avoid being caught by the security forces.
  17. all tasks will take at maximum 3days for its completion.come ready, all payments will be made only through bitcoin, no meeting, no direct contact. all messages to your hitman you just hired will pass through us to him.
  19. our contacts/.
  21. contact info:
  22. phone ;    (+1(215) 703-8537 )
  23. Whatsapp;  (+1(215) 703-8537 )
  24. Contact email :
  25. General Support  ;
  26. Telegram;  @drHades
  27. Wickr me: drHades
  28. Time;      24/7
  29. Don't forget~ we deliver on our hacking jobs. get to us for all your hacking jobs.
  31. thank you.
  32. peace!!