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  14. by betherny on 2005 Aug 12 - 07:11 | reply to this comment
  15. cursing while driving
  16. My husband also does this. I have just learned to ignore it or tune it out. When the other driver does actually do something stupid, I chime in with my own epithets but other than that, I just keep quiet.
  18. My kids used to be scared when he would go off, but I just told them that that is how Daddy handles the stress of driving and being in traffic. I turn on the radio or a CD and sing. Terribly and loudly. Everyone has their own way. He never actually does any real road rage type behaviors and I know he wouldn't, so I don't worry about it.
  20. Otter*
  22. "The moment that I looked into your eyes, you owned me."
  23. -Kenny Chesney
  25. by Otter on 2005 Aug 12 - 20:31 | reply to this comment
  26. My husband wanted me to learn to drive
  27. but from watching him and other drivers (as mentioned here), it just seems too stressful, expensive and risky. My husband also snaps out when someone cuts him off or drives poorly, and it scares me to think that could happen to me if I learned to drive. Who needs it! I'm 45 years old, been cycling, taking buses and walking all my life, too old to change now even if I wanted to! (LOL)
  29. by BlueRose on 2005 Aug 14 - 00:05 | reply to this comment
  30. Stressful, expensive, and risky
  31. Precisely my own reasons for not wanting to learn. There are far too many drivers like my husband about, he's always complaining about some driver being too slow, dithering or whatever, and I am a chronic ditherer. I'll stick to the buses.
  33. by Louise C on 2005 Aug 14 - 16:55 | reply to this comment
  34. Autobahnen
  35. The difference in accident rates on the unrestricted, as opposed to the speed-limited sections of the autobahnen (yes, quite a lot of the network has speed limits)is fairly marginal. One thing that should be mentioned is that autobahn accidents are inevitably serious and life-threatening: to the extent that the German Automobile Association runs its own specialise hospitals and air ambulances to deal with the carnage. In terms of deaths per kilometer travelled, they're among the most dangerous roads on the continent.