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  2.   Hire a killer, hitman for hire, real contract murders (
  4. Order contractorx for hitmen in the onion zone. You may place an order to kill your target by a knife, discharge a gun clip in your victim or kill by a sniper gun somewhere on the street.
  7. We assign experienced hitmen for our anonymous customers in the same country as the target depends on the job specification. Minimum expenses keep a low price for a customer.
  9. We have hitmen from our community but also we accept new assassins that can perform our tasks. If you have something to offer you can sign up and connect with us.
  12. Payment is secure and anonymous. We accept ONLY bitcoins. A transaction is considerably safer than a street-based criminal service as we don't ask for any cash advance.
  14. We have killers all over the world in many countries such as the USA, Brazil, Australia, India, China and also in countries of Europe, etc. Hire a killer with us is a safe and easy way. Hide your IP. Give us ONLY victim information. We will assign a proven hitman who has already completed jobs in the same country where your victim is. Our hitmen will be able to complete your order professionally.
  16. Most of the murders are done by usual mobsters who use handguns or knives and have hoods waiting for a victim near a house. Also, we can offer you professional hitmen with sniper guns.
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