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  13. Long time no write,
  15. Have not really felt a need until last night to ask for any type of help with a girl. Have not actually felt a real connection with a girl until recently in the first place. Been having alot of one night stands and to be honest im getting really sick of them. I guess you can say im now looking for a real relationship with a girl who can stay interesting and continue to challenge me.
  17. Well I found a girl who can do that. I also really started to like her more and more. Problem is when I actually start to like a girl, i seem to stop caring about almost every other girl because she doesnt compair up to this one girl. Here is my problem... The girl has mad game, which is one of the reasons i like her so much. This girl is in a relationship with another guy, and we kind of just fool around. She wont let me go all the way, and it kind of puts a mental block in my head that she is the one who holds the power in whatever it is that we are doing.
  19. Last night I went to a party at her place, and well we made out in her room for awhile, but also during the night i saw her comming out of a bathroom while i was waiting to piss with another guy.. I also saw her go into her bedroom with another different guy for awhile, and he actually stayed the night in her room.. (guy was a nice guy too, no game, maybe a jealously plot for me and her boyfriend, but who knows) BTW her boyfriend was there all night, fucking weird?
  21. Obviously I was thinking wow, what a fucking slut. But im not really sure what was going on.  Situation is very fucked up. To be honest im just looking for some words of encouragement on how to pick myself up after I finally like a girl in 2 years and it turns out wacker than russell brands hair.